Stop and Search

Sometime ago, I had a conversation with a friend about envy. She said that she never saw the value in being envious so she has never felt envy. I said that envy is nothing more than an emotional checkpoint. A time to stop and search to ask “why do I feel this way?”, who did I become when this feeling was triggered?, is there a resolution here? A conversation, a confrontation, confession, reassurance, what are my next steps?

Moving forward, I thought about checkpoints in life generally. There are times where life slows us down, we stop but we hardly search. We don’t ask questions to evaluate where we are to replay where we have been and think of where we are going. We run away from asking because we feel like the answers we would get would be tougher than how we actually feel. Hard as they may be, they are still pointers. When you feel things slowing down, don’t just stop, search.


Writer, Clinical Psychologist

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