SIORR: Episode 4: Writing Consent in RomComs

  1. Scenes where both parties are drunk and just one of them remembers about the doing the nasty (why do we call sex the nasty though)
  2. Scenes where there has been build up so when they are ready they just dive in, no questions asked. You the reader know that this was going to happen, but in cases like this, is asking still necessary? I’m throwing that out to you, send me a dm or a voice note.
  3. Body language in place of a verbal yes. I think of this in terms of court cases where they ask, but did she say yes, did they say yes and you say well she placed her hands on my boobs or they opened their legs. Does this count? I guess we read the inner monologue of the character here and we know that they want it. But is it enough, should there still be a push for verbal feedback? I want to see a YES before the yessss begins (if you know what I mean)




Writer, Clinical Psychologist

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Aanu Jide-Ojo

Aanu Jide-Ojo

Writer, Clinical Psychologist

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