SIORR Episode 3: I want more fluff.

  1. People will rather document pain than joy, because they are more focused on living the joy than writing about it. This also shows up in music and poetry and other forms of art as well and let’s face it, rom coms are very joyful. What do you think?
  2. The market isn’t ready to see a narrative beyond a traumatic Nigeria. I saw a post by Ozoz, popularly known as Kitchen Butterfly, she is a brilliant historian, researcher and collector of Nigerian stories through food. She talked about how she pitched a story and did the video and everything and they said it was too organised, it wasn’t Nigerian enough or African enough. Like it has to be rough around the edges to be believable, now I know that I said we are gritty people, but we are not JUST gritty people, we love love too.




Writer, Clinical Psychologist

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Aanu Jide-Ojo

Aanu Jide-Ojo

Writer, Clinical Psychologist

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